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Welcome to  the  home  of  Dr. Barry  Green, PhD
          You can't  give what you  haven't  got.

-      Unparalleled  experience. 

  Barry  Green  is  one  of  the  pioneers  of  the  alternative  health,   body-mind industry.  His  career  began  40 years  ago  with his  own  in-depth  personal  "healing"  process. 
    This   personal  quest  inspired  his  creating   4 major  state  approved  schools  plus  an  ongoing  personal  private  practice. 

  • 40  Years  in Practice.    Over  200,000 hours  total  experience
  • First  scientific  study  of  Body Psychology
  •  "Father"  of modern Massage Body Mechanics
  • 50 hour Massage  Marathon Record  Holder
  • Creator of first  graduate  program  in Holistic  Psychology
  • Author of  2 holistic  texts
  • Founder  and  developer of  5  schools
  • His  work  has  been copied,  but never equalled
     Many practitioners may offer you their ideas and theories.
    When working with a practitioner such as Barry you will receive what only time and results can show to be true.
   Please  read  the testimonies from  some of  the  thousands  he  has  worked  with  over  his long  career.  These  will  show the  profound  experiences  of  growth  and  healing  so  many  have  received.
   This  website  showcases:

   His  deep love  for  supporting  the  nucleus  of  all  human  process -  Male - Female Relationship in his Relationship  Coaching  section. 
  A  deep  clearing  of  formative,  dysfunctional  childhood  learning  patterns  called Releasing  the  Past.  
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